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Po po po po po po po po poker face

po po po po po po po po poker face

Nor is there a camera stashed into the dash.
I'm a po-po consultant.
You wouldn't be scared of the po-po if you had a ship like mine.The wrong move will get a gun right in my face.Because I don't talk to the po-po 's, baby.But I don't see Ashton in the grass.And the questions they askin, or the ice grills they get when Im passin.We don't talk to po-po.I'm fighting the case.Or the 22's underneath me, thats keepin them sirens flashin on my ass.
Then he started reaching for something that perfil administrador de casino looks like a pistol I guess.

Then he started reaching for something that looks like a pistol I guess.So I pulled governor of poker 2 full version free mac on a nigga I mean I pulled on the gures.They gon' have to put my back on the cement Before I'm in the back with my knee bent On my way back to the precinct I'm back in the G-bent Black wit the pre-tint Vanilla aroma to cover the back with the tree scent.Like: the young man resisted arrest.Everytime they walk or pull up beside me Flash lights in my face askin for my registration and ID.They hate to see me rich, they'd rather see me stuck in the pen.Trying to bring me down, when they come around.Hook: Nate Dogg, i go around the corner what do I see?To stick up in the ARs Detectors in the dash.
Nigga Shit man a nigga aint even do shit awe shit here comes this dude right now Alright buddy unfortunately you came back straight, you and your buddy Scain Scholar get the fuck outta here I dont wanna see you guys around here again alright Look take it from.

I'm not supposed to talk to you, po-po.
And by the way I need an autograph for my kids they love you eh?
Po Pos followin me Askin for my ID whos car Im driving.